since の使い方

緑の葉 接続詞

since は「~して以来」「~以来」「その後」などの意味のある語で、接続詞、前置詞、副詞として使われます。

接続詞の since は節を導きます。

前置詞の since は名詞、句を導きます。

副詞の since は単独で使われます。

since ~: ~して以来(接続詞)

The athletes have appeared on a lot of TV programs since they won the championship.

They have been at odds since they had a quarrel.

More than 10 million people have been displaced from their homes since the war began.
(戦争が始まって以来、1,000 万人以上の人々が家を追われた。)

since の後には過去形の節が来ます。


since ~: ~以来(前置詞)

It’s been raining since yesterday.

Our sales have doubled since launching a new product.

She has been absent since Monday.

since の後には名詞または動名詞が来ます。

since: それ以来、その後(副詞)

We moved ten years ago and have been living here ever since.

The war began last year, and inflation has accelerated ever since.

He first got a job last April, and has since changed his job once.

副詞の since は ever since で使われることが多いです。


・接続詞 since ~ 「 ~して以来」

・前置詞 since ~ 「 ~以来」

・副詞 since 「それ以来、その後」